Cannabis legalization is not at all what it seems on the surface. With an unsolved murder, it can't be.

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It was a hostile takeover. Cannabis legalization. In the home state of Hunter S. Thompson, Larisa E. Bolivar and bestselling author Steve "the Eggman" Eggleston write a riveting account of the first years of medical marijuana legalization from Larisa's perspective as the unwittingly chosen replacement for Ken Gorman's charismatic and fierce sidekick, Doreen Bishop.

Murdered in 2007 while Larisa was being held hostage by rivals, Ken's legacy was nearly buried in the wake of adult use cannabis legalization. As it turns out, there was more to the story than could be imagined during the early years of cannabis legalization in cannabis and around the United States. Ken was literally the man behind cannabis in Colorado and he will never be forgotten, not now, not ever. Nothing in Colorado cannabis could have been anything without him.


Ken Gorman and Doreen Bishop worked in the 1990s to get what would be known as Amendment 20 passed. Ken also started the Denver 420 Rally during these years that would grow into the largest cannabis legalization rally in the world, until egos brought it down years after Ken's death.

Told in the gritty nature evocative of Hunter S. Thompson's style who Larisa admires for his courage in journalistic truth-telling and pertinent to cannabis history as his ranch in Aspen hosts annual conferences of an organization that is also involved in legalization, Normal is a Setting is a very raw account of the true Wild West Days of cannabis legalization. 

Larisa, Ken, and her ex-husband founded the Colorado Compassion Club, Colorado's first recognized medical marijuana center prior to the regulations that would eventually shut out the true cannabis legacy people. The whole entire movement changed with Ken's death. To add insult to injury, Thomas Lawrence was smeared in the media for having been interviewed as a suspect for Ken's murder and Larisa had escaped a hostage situation where she was forced into sex slavery where the perpetrator escaped unscathed after she was forced under duress to drop the assault and kidnapping charges he was facing.


Suddenly, the Denver 420 Rally had a new leadership and the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance and NORML were 100% in charge of cannabis policy without the very important counter voice that Ken provided to protect the very core of the movement, and that was social justice. It was never about making money, that was that after effect of creativity within the movement and being a good grower producer. Doreen joined Ken in protest because CU Boulder was not too keen on providing her the medical marijuana they had promised her in reciprocity for coming to Colorado and treat her cancer. Ken himself was arrested for selling pot to what he thought was an adult who was one of those 17 year old's that looked 30 that we all knew in high school. Ken went to jail, saw that most of the people arrested 

It is by MPP's own admission that they will get "tricky" people out of the way. By tricky they did not always mean the opposition either. They have a record of character assignation to recreate a dialogue that suits their narrative for legalization which is one of high revenue dollars for lawmakers based on a massive regulatory capture scheme that has lined the pockets of many lawmakers while creating a massive cannabis monopoly that acts like a cartel, and alleged corruption so bad that it has created a federal investigation by none other than the FBI. The organization functions like an octopus with so many tentacles reaching into every aspect of cannabis to control.

Whether it was convenient to bury Ken's social justice narrative and make Larisa and Thomas into heartless thugs despite years of dedicated almost always free service to Colorado's most chronically ill and dying people, or more sinister, Normal is a Setting brings readers into the dark world of emerging cannabis from the illicit market and through a yet unsolved mystery into the a marvelous story of rags to riches of one of the most toughest and fearless women leaders in cannabis today continuing the legacy she inherited.

Delayed by COVID, the book has a pending release date of June 2, 2021. Send a message to reserve a signed copy.

Ken Gorman in one of the Colorado Compassion Club's grow rooms. Circa 2003.